Renting Out Your Property to Pet Owners

Friday, 20th March 2020

You’ve secured your role as landlord, invested into a property that is ready to be inhabited but then there is the small, unspoken, question lingering in what qualifies as the perfect tenant:

Are pets allowed in your rental property?

A personal question that doesn’t come with a quick an easy answer but to hold up the pet debate, we show you the advantages and disadvantages of deploying pet-loving tenants into your property:

Quick stats:

In the UK, an incredible 44% of households have a pet – that is 12 million of the entire population!

24% of UK adults have a cat with an estimated population of 10.9 million pet cats

Level to comply with recent legislation)

21% of pet owners admit to breaching terms by keeping a pet on the side

57% of landlord concerns over pet ownership includes smell, and 55% on property damage

Advantage for renting to pet-owners

  • Offering your property to pet owners can secure a wider reach for potential tenants.
  • Long-term rental is guaranteed due to the shortage of pet-friendly properties.
  • Reputation is publicised in a wide-reaching community of pet-owners

Disadvantage of renting to pet-owners

  • Damage to wooden floors, paintwork & white goods
  • Anti-social behaviour when the pet is left alone or temperament of pet towards neighbours
  • Pet allergies or fleas can affect future letting of the property if not handled appropriately 

When considering renting out to pet-owners, the key to a successful property rental (and securing your property against pet-related damages), is to include specific clauses in the rental agreement. By outlining the rights and responsibilities of the tenant towards their pets, and including the requirement for adequate pet insurance, can protect the property from unexpected/unwanted damages, laying the fault on the tenant rather than the landlord.

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