Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Tenants

Thinking of renting? At Cricketts in Newbury, we know all the best properties that are available within at least a 20-mile radius of the town, and are often in the know about those coming up soon. We’ve helped thousands of people find just the right property for them to rent, so here’s some words of wisdom from those in the know to help the process go smoothly for you.

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Contact us here at Cricketts if you’re thinking of renting – the sooner you are on our books, the sooner we can get searching for the perfect property for you to rent. You never know, we might have just had a property logged with us that has not yet gone up on our website but has your name all over it.

Consider your compromises

Make a list of your absolute ‘must-haves’ and a list of ‘nice-to-haves’. The more flexible you can be, the more choice of available properties there will be to choose from. For example, do you really need to be within a 5 minute walk of the train station or will 10 minutes be acceptable? Is off-street parking a deal breaker? Are three bedrooms essential or will two be enough for you right now? Let us know your truly essential criteria at the outset and the search will be a whole lot easier.

Have your finances ready

Part of the contract when renting a property will mean having cleared funds available in the bank for a deposit plus your first rental instalment. If the money is in the bank, the quicker you’ll be ready to roll when the right property comes up.

ID and references

You’ll need your passport as proof of ID, so check it’s in date. You’ll also need references, so let your proposed referees know what’s in the pipeline to avoid delays further down the line.

Be decisive

If you view a property you like, be prepared to make an offer pretty quickly. The best properties don’t stay on our books for long, and the chances are there will be more than one person chasing it. If you like it, take action to secure it asap.

Why not pop in and chat through these tips with us in more detail? Let’s get you started on your rental property hunt.