Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Sellers

Thinking of selling up? We all know that it’s essential to give the very best first impression you can to potential buyers and here’s a few tips to help you prioritise the essentials.

Trust your estate agent

Your estate agent will sell your property in the best possible light. If you don’t feel comfortable about hosting a viewing, let us do it for you – it’s what we specialise in. And if there are aspects of the property that a would-be purchaser doesn’t like, they will feel much more at ease telling us than they would the home owner. We can big up all that’s good about your property to balance the fact that they don’t like the wallpaper in the bedroom.

Smarten up and neutralise

It may be stating the obvious but properties that look well cared for sell quicker than those that don’t and it’s surprising what a lick of paint can do to make a room more appealing. And whilst hot orange may be the colour of the moment, a soft cream or warm beige gives buyers a blank canvas to start from, and that’s what the greater majority will prefer to have.


Get some big boxes and pack away excess ornaments, photos, toys and general clutter – then get them out of view: in the loft, in the garage, just get it shifted. It will serve to create a sense of space – a real plus. And just think, when you come to move, you’ve already started packing!

Present shared areas in a good light

If your property has any shared areas, take a good look at them with an objective eye. For example, if you have a shared driveway, make sure it’s swept clean before viewers arrive. Or if you’re selling a flat with a communal hallway, do your bit to ensure the front step is swept and that post is picked up. Neat and tidy is minimum expectation, but going the extra mile with a hanging basket or pretty planted pot at the front door is inexpensive but helps to create at essential good first impression. 

Keep pets out of the way

However cute your cat, dog or tarantula is, he or she is not what your would-be buyer has come to see– and they may have an aversion to your best furry friend which will cloud how they see your property.Ideally arrange for someone else to have your pet so they are out of the house whilst the viewing is in progress, or at least keep Fido or Kitty well out of the way.

Get current tenants on your side

If you’re currently letting your property, put the effort in to have your tenant on your side before conducting viewings. Obviously they’ll know you’re selling up and the reasons for it, but keep them informed during the process and give them fair notice when a viewing will be taking place. Keeping them on side will mean there is more chance that they will help you present the property in the best light.

Register now

The sooner you register your property with us, the sooner we can let would-be buyers know about it. With our sophisticated marketing strategy, we’ll make sure your property is marketed to its best advantage and to the most appropriate target audience, and we’ll do our utmost to move you towards a sale in the shortest possible timescale. 

There are buyers on our books for whom your property may just be the perfect match. Why not pop in and chat through these tips with us in more detail, and let’s get the sold sign outside your property as soon as we can.