This year has been a definite tale of two halves.


In the first half of 2016, the property market was very buoyant whilst, after the June Referendum, there has been a noticeable change in the market with property prices levelling.


Whilst houses are still being sold, we have noticed that it is predominantly those properties priced under £500,000 which are selling more quickly and this, in turn, will help to move properties in the higher price brackets.


Despite the media and the press’s tendency to habitually talk the economy down, it is important that estate agents and homeowners alike remain upbeat with a positive attitude towards the housing market. The property market, like many other unrelated markets, is cyclical in nature and, in time, it will recover to its former levels. Here at Cricketts, we remain both confident and optimistic about the future.


With the New Year just around the corner, thoughts of homeowners tend to look towards the future and the decision for most people to move house in 2017 will more than likely be made over the Christmas holidays.  


We are advising clients who already have their properties on the market not to take them off over the Christmas period but to keep them live on the market as we know from previous experience that there will be spikes of activity on the property search websites on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day with home-seekers wishing to view properties as soon as possible.


To this end, we are anticipating a flurry of activity with an unprecedented amount of property coming onto the market in January.  One thing is for sure: your new home is just a short click away!