Are you tempted by advertisements offering “no commission”?  Does it leave you wondering what your commission pays for?


The age old saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” should be heeded.  These are things you should be aware of:

  • Online estate agents might not charge commission but they certainly charge a fee and in some cases you have to pay upfront, meaning if the agent doesn’t sell your house you’ve lost that money.
  • Most online agents will not conduct viewings for you, or if they do they’ll charge. So, if you work full time you’ll be very limited as to when potential buyers can view your property.  Also, if you conduct the viewings you’re unlikely to get honest feedback from viewers, as most people don’t want to upset owners when there’s something they dislike.
  • Online agents work from nationwide call centres meaning they have very little local knowledge so can only base their valuation on online data and don’t know the specifics of your local area.
  • Not all online estate agents will take offers for you, leaving the haggling and negotiating down to you.

You could be taking on a lot more work than you realise adding to what can be a very stressful process.


So, you have to ask whether it’s wise to put your most important single lifetime investment in the hands of an online agency.


If you’ve decided online is not all it’s cracked up to be; now you have to decide who to choose between the plethora of agents on the High Street.  Do you pick the one who offers you the lowest commission?  Another adage comes to mind “You get what you pay for.”


In today’s market you need an agent who will be proactive, not just put your home on a website and hope for the best.  At Cricketts, we pick up the phone and phone out.  But that’s not all we do.  We believe in providing a professional, honest and personal service which includes:


Valuations from experienced local experts who will accurately price your property, allowing you to achieve a sale within your preferred time scale.


We then give your property maximum exposure through:

  • Online presence on our own website alongside all the major property portals.
  • Weekly advertising in local newspapers including the Newbury Home Search.
  • A full prospectus with comprehensive details about your property and expert photography, to make the most of your home.
  • Direct telemarketing by our experienced sales negotiators, who continually register, match and contact potential buyers seven days a week, enabling them to match your property to prospective buyers before you even go online.
  • Contact with potential buyers through our social media.
  • All this for no upfront cost. No sale, no fee means we are highly motivated to sell all our properties.


We keep in regular contact with you and our potential buyers to enable us to progress your sale as quickly as possible while also ensuring we achieve the best price for your home.  Not only do we give you regular personal updates of activity on your property but you also have personal access to our exclusive Customer Log In Lounge where you have access to your file 24/7, 365 days a year.

All prospective buyers will be accompanied during viewings of your property, unless you request otherwise.  Our dedicated and experienced staff are all fully briefed on your home and have excellent local knowledge, being local residents for many years.  As our viewings are accompanied, we are able to provide you with honest and constructive feedback after each visit.  This can help you to make changes that will enhance your saleability.  All viewings will be pre-arranged with you and confirmation sent via text and email.


Once an offer has been made we will support you the whole way through to completion, something many online agencies don’t do.  Here’s how:  

  • We will explain the legal process clearly and simply
  • We will monitor the progress of your sale and check each link of the chain thoroughly to ensure proceedability. Then, we will keep in regular contact with you, your buyer, solicitors, surveyors, mortgage brokers and the other estate agents involved.
  • We aim to make the process of selling your home as stress free as possible and ensure a smooth and swift completion, enabling you to focus on planning on your move.


As a family-run business, we understand that buying or selling a home is incredibly important to you.  As individuals, we genuinely care and have empathy for our clients and look to offer an unparalleled service on all levels.


So, with all this on offer, why wouldn’t you put your most important single lifetime investment in our hands?